PhoneGap Day 2013

I really should pay attention to when conferences are announced. I was thinking all summer of a attending a PhoneGap conference without really looking for one. Now that I have looked I’ve noticed the track that I would have loved to gone to (PhoneGap, from beginnner to God Mode) is already sold out at

At least now I’ve remembered to use Lanyrd to keep track for future events It’s a lesson learnt. If you want to go to conferences, use the feeds!

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Was it busy or was it quiet round here?

Wow, sometimes you forget how long it is between posts. Sometimes you forget to even update your own blog. It certainly wasn’t because it was quiet around here, there was loads going on. So yes, it was very busy round here.

(insert dancing cat picture here, to distract people from the fact I’m only putting up a filler post).

So, I haven’t managed to go back to the Snake game and finish that up. I think that will probably be my second priority after updating the site (there are some bare sections around here). After Snake I have some ideas for some endless runner games, ala Canabalt, that I may make for online and mobile. Suggestions welcome.

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Quiet summer on this blog

Sorry, for the lack of updates, but not much has been happening around here. I’ve had a few projects on the go, some client ones and some private ones. Unfortunately, nothing I can tell you about yet. Hopefully as the year moves onto Autumn, I can get some time to update a little more regularly.

In the meantime, how about I share a link with you. I saw this awesome CSS3 button generator the other day.

css3 Button Generator

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State of the Internet 2011

Really interesting interactive infographic from Online Schools about the State of the Internet 2011. Worth having a look as some of the information may surprise you.

State of the Internet 2011
Created by: Online Schools

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Google have launched a very limited field trial (is that an a pre-alpha release?) of Google+. Which is Google’s attempt to create a new generation of social networking site. If you haven’t been invited to try it yet, you can sign up to apply for an invitation at

I hope it works better than their next generation of email, wave, which failed miserably. It was a great concept, but Joe Bloggs on the street had absolutely no idea what to do with it.

With Google+ I think it’s safe to say that most internet users are savvy about social networking. With Google+ seemingly an amalgam of various types of social networks; think facebook + twitter + foursquare + flickr + stumbleupon all in one system. It has potential.

Google +1 button

Google have introduced the +1 button so that you can ‘like’ sites or web pages in much the same way that you can like pages on Facebook. I’m sure it’s going to be one of the first of many such things that google will be introducing over the coming months/years that it will take to get Google+ fully live and available to everyone.

If you want to start adding +1 buttons to your sites you should visit David Walsh’s blog as he has a very quick, very simple tutorial on how to get your own +1 button.

Alternatively there is an api reference for the Google +1 button on Google itself. which also has a very short video explaining what the button is all about.

Google+ development

Google+ much like Facebook would like to encourage all developers out there to build on the plus network. It has a development program, but like the Google+ site, it isn’t available to everyone as yet. You can sign up for the program here

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Small tweaks to the theme

I’m starting a process of making small tweaks to my wordpress theme, but  I don’t want to let you know every time I change the colour of a button or moved something 3 pixels.

I’ll make an exception though this one time, as I really like the date tabs that I’ve done and want to share them with you.

I promise that’s the last time I’ll update you about tweaks to the theme until I’m totally happy with it, which probably won’t happen as me like most people that design something are never satisfied and always want to tweak something.

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New theme design uploaded to site

Much much later than I wanted I’ve eventually put my own designed theme onto the blog. It’s not quite finished yet as there are a few things I still want to do, but it’s 90% there and it’s 100% better than having no theme at all.

I’m quite pleased with the way it’s looking at the moment, even though it isn’t finished. I intend to continue to tweak the design of the theme over the next week or 2 before I decide, yes, it’s done.

If you have any comments about the design or found any bugs in the theme, please feel free to add your comments to the blog I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts.

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New blog design idea

blog theme idea thumbnailI’ve eventually got around to starting a redesign to my blog rather than just using a blog standard theme.

I could do with some feedback on the design as it is before I start the next iteration of it.

Just click on the design thumbnail to the right to see the design. All comments are appreciated.

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HTML5 gets a logo

HTML5 LogoAs you may have noticed. HTML5 gets itself a logo. Lots of varied opinions around the web about what it looks like and why it needs a logo in the first place.

In my opinion, why not give it a logo. Lots of other web technologies have logos, so why not. But the logo is a poor choice for me. A shield? Not really the right metaphor. A shield is for defence and security, for something like antivirus software. HTML5 is for freedom and a more open web. They couldn’t be more different in meaning if they tried.

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Javascript Snake v0.4

snake v0.4

Minor updates for Impulsive Snake v0.4.

Levels have been added. I’ve only put a total of 7 levels into the game right now, so my next job is to create a level editor to create levels a little easier. I may even incorporate it into the game.

This game is now fully working (with exception of the shortness of levels) and if you can spare me a few moments I wouldn’t mind a little bit of feedback about it.

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